2018 The Girls White 1.5L

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There’s nothing quite as seductive as nostalgia, that indescribable feeling that overtakes you when a scent, a taste, a note played just right takes you back exactly where you want to be. When “The Girls” come out to play…shenanigans happen…

Where’s the fun in following the rules?  Like this bright white blend mixing it up sometimes leads to the surprisingly unexpected.  The flora aromas, flavors of peaches and pears, and a touch of sweetness will tickle your senses in this Chardonnay/Kerner blend, with an aroma-enhancing splash of Viognier and Pinot Gris.

We hope “The Girls” will add some mischief to your life and leave you craving more.

Sold only in 1.5 litre Magnum bottles.

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